Beautiful Persian Star

I have been contemplating whether or not I should start a blog for a couple of months now.  For the most part, I’ve been afraid of doing it for the wrong reasons.  It seems to be a growing trend to start a blog, but very few people have maintained their blogs which is probably why people want to stab themselves everytime they hear that someone else has started a blog.  Put the knife down, I’ve thought this through.


When I first thought of a name for this blog, I was going to name it Feminine Warrior, but the name was already taken.  I’m glad it was taken because Beautiful Persian Star is such an awesome name! Right???


After I couldn’t use Feminine Warrior, I thought about what inspires me in life and what name would embody my values.  In the bible there are many women who are mentioned who were of influence.  Naomi’s story is one of a woman who clung to the hope of a harvest through the famine of her soul (a line I got from  From her life, I draw the lesson of hope in times when it seems all odds are against you.  She had lost everyone close to her but she never gave up.   Esther was a woman of great beauty and character.  From her life I have learned that a woman, though feminine and mostly emotionally driven has the power to transform a nation.  Her beauty is not a curse but a blessing from God which if embraced, and not abused can be a powerful tool.  She was a woman of great courage, a boldness we rarely see in women.


I have started this blog because I have a dream of influencing many women to become a greater version of themselves.  We are all unique and it is in realizing that we are unique that we start to tap into the power we possess.  If I can influence one person through my blog posts, I will achieve more than I could ever have imagined.


Naomi means Beautiful and Esther is Persian for Star.  Together these explain the name I chose for my blog and I hope that this will be the first of many posts that I am able to share with you.



Beautiful Persian Star


14 thoughts on “Beautiful Persian Star

  1. This has potential for great reads! theDustySoul looks forward to your next post, AND we are motivated to update our own blog, since we are of that ilk that is prone to leave the DustySoulDiary un-updated. Keep it up, you Beautiful Persian Star you!


  2. totally awesome my friend..i love the inspiration of how the name came about. i am going to follow your blog so you best post stuff on neh.


  3. yho, wat inspiring words. you have a gift girl and i think you just found your purpose in life. Thank you for sharing such anointing words with us. I believe through this blog you will be able to express yourself and touch the life’s of other women out there. Congrats my girl. I speak for many when i say I cant wait to see whats next.
    until next time.


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  5. Wow…….first of..Nice name, and the reasoning behind it. Great read ( even if it is only meant for women). Kudos to you for starting your own blog, now the challenge of maintaining it, look forward to your next post.


  6. Hi to everyone thank you for your support, I will do my best to keep it up. John although you’ll find I tend to lean more towards women because I understand women better than anything else, Men could benefit simply by understanding what women feel are their greatest struggles etc.


  7. love it…a big move from shallow issues that seem to take precedence in many discussions lately. love it…and hope to benefit from it. finally, there is a realization among women (and hopefully men) that our greatest lessons are the ones we’ve learnt ourselves…nothing goes deeper than that! definitely following you! proud of you girl


  8. Le nna I’m gonna start blogging for the reasons you’ve mentioned! I’d also love to make a difference in someone’s life!


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