Feminine Warrior?

So I’m sure when many of you read my first post about the name of my blog you were glad I went with BeautifuPersianStar because somehow FeminineWarrior just sounds weird or wack or whatever description you may have for it.

For some reason I feel like I need to clarify that I am not a feminist. Simply because there are negative connotations associated with feminism. Men see feminists and run in the opposite direction. In my opinion, the feminist movement was very instrumental in helping women to reach the social standing that we currently have, however I feel there has been a great focus on being better than men or stepping out of the shadow of men etc. In so doing, feminism became an extreme “philosophy” built around being “better” than men. In trying so hard to prove men wrong, the focus has remained on men and thus not on working on the power women bring to the fore apart from men. We cannot focus on petty things like the word woman has “man” within it I mean really, we are all huMANs after all. It doesn’t matter. Its a word.

I was going to name this blog FeminineWarrior because I believe that women possess so much power, within our femininity. Without trying to wear the pants in the boardroom or anywhere else. It’s not about what can I do better than a man, but what can I do to the best of my ability. fullstop.

When Athletes start a race, its “on your marks, get set, GO”. The Olympics are coming up next year, watch the athletes at the beginning. Each one stretches individually, each one takes faces forward and runs their own race. The foolish guy is the one who looks back to see if anyone else is catching up to him because he loses momentum. Because he’s so focused on the other person and what that other person is doing, he ends up not doing the best he could have done.

That is what each one of us should do as women and as people, run your race don’t look at the person in the next lane, do you.

Beautiful Persian Star

7 thoughts on “Feminine Warrior?

  1. “In trying so hard to prove men wrong, the focus has remained on men and thus not on working on the power women bring to the fore apart from men.” You just hit me with a hectic realization about myself in that one statement. . . I’m interested to know if you would consider “I can do it myself” to fall into the same category as trying so desperately to prove men wrong. . . I mean, it’s not necessarily that the intent is to prove men wrong, at times it’s just a “I can open my own car door… Waiting for him to get out his door and walk all the way around is time wasted which could be used watching the last bit of a great soccer game” if you know what I’m saying . . .

    You’re a blessing beautifulpersianstar!!!


  2. True. I also think that the word ‘Feminist’ is often limited to one narrow definition, when there are various types of feminisms, for example, there is Black Feminism, White Feminism, Christian Feminism, Poor Feminism, Rich feminism…because it is the experience of women in these varying situations and circumstances, and I think shying away from the term sometimes makes us seem indecisive…we tend to want to reap the benefits of what the movement has availed to us, but refuse to bear the responsibility of defining it for ourselves…because in our denial of it, we reject the responsibility to continue the foundation Feminism has laid for women’s progress…

    And as Christians, I believe we should be engaging more with such terms, and look at what God says…why is Christian Feminism so understudied? Because we shy away from things that have a ‘bad connotation’…Christ’s ministry had a bad connotation for the disciples…the elite religious leaders of the community thought he was a false prophet..but if the disciples rejected Him because of the ‘bad connotations’ many wouldn’t have heard the good news.

    I also feel as though we are living in a society where millions of people are living in close proximity to each other, but are more isolated than ever. I will therefore disagree to an extent here with your ‘race’ analogy, because were created for each other, and if we run and just aim to win by ourselves, we rob ourselves of other wins: of growing in relationships and learning. Although I think you meant this in the sense that we stop comparing ourselves with other people, but I think we sometimes get carried away and end up isolating ourselves…which is something we need to, at least, be aware of.

    *waving the peace sign in the air*

    I’m not fighting, no…you write thought-provoking things, and you made me think about it…so I wrote what I thought.


  3. In a lot of ways there are social imbalances that exist that have in the past prejudiced women in a lot of ways. However, as Christians i think that aiming to redress these imbalances by creating a feminist movement places the focus on us as humans and less on Him . i would go so far as to suggest that the pragmatically christian way to address this would be to say that we are all equal in Christ..not to say that men and women are equal.
    I think this solution creates a standard that defines what exactly we have an equal claim to. If the process of equalization is based on some subjective and fallen notion of fairness then the issue will never be settled. if on the other hand we say regardless of sex the bible says that we are all free then let the freedom Christ has afforded to us be afforded indiscriminately then that might be a better starting point!


  4. my sincerest apologies for not replying sooner than this.

    I think there is nothing wrong with wanting to do things on your own. But what are your reasons? Are you opening your own door because you want to watch the soccer game and you feel you’re wasting time? OR has your mind drifted off to him starting off by opening the door and next thing he’s doing everything for you and you’re dependent on him for things? The thing with us is sometimes we read into things too much and we end up losing out on things that are worthwhile. If a man just wants to open the door for you, just let the man open the door.

    Ms Tledima
    I created this blog for views to be expressed and whether or not they are the same. On the issue of us being isolated, yes that’s true but I meant it in the context that if we focussed less on what men are doing and what they think that as women we’d get more done. I dont think it’s necessary for us to compare ourselves because we’re different and that’s what being unique is. As for the issue of different types of feminism I was looking at it from a broad perpective and unfortunately what I have seen of feminism is not pretty which is why I cannot attach the label of Feminist as part of who I am. I will however look into what the different types of feminism are and what they mean.

    I agree with your idea of us simply being equal and therefore not needing to push ideas based on our gender etc. The only thing is that for so long women have been placed under men due to the confusion about the meaning of submission etc and it is necessary for teachings specific to women to happen to address that issue.

    I don’t think that this is clear cut and dry, motives are often the deciding factor for what makes something either positive or negative. If the idea behind feminism as it stands now (not initially), is to bash men to elevate women, I cannot be a part of that. If the idea is to empower women and focus on what makes them special and what attributes they have that will help them succeed, sure I can deal with taht. But until I see that side of the spectrum I still say I’m not a feminist.


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