More than enough

Before you read this post make sure you have read the poem that I posted prior to writing this. I was going to blog about dreaming as a follow up on the pictures from Cape Town but I feel like that can wait.

Perfectly Imperfect. A phrase that I feel cannot exist apart from the knowledge of a God who loves you enough to declare that over you. We are so used to being told that we are and will never be good enough that this “God thing” is a concept that is difficult to grasp. How is it possible for God to love you blemishes and all? How is it possible for you to know Him when according to Christians you are everything He is not? Next time someone says that to you, next time anyone tells you you cannot be part of God because of what you’re going through and because of your struggles you just need to ask them this simple question.

“Before you knew this God you speak of, before you were who you are, were you free from blemish? Are you perfect?”

I think often Christians put people off Christianity. We give people this idea that in order to come before God they have to have it all figured out. Nonsense. Prostitutes chilled with Jesus. Tax Collectors like Zaccheus knew nothing about this Jesus, but they were so drawn to Him that they wanted to know who He was. In spending time with Him people who were lost and broken came to the realization of who God is and what He is about.

If you’re reading this and you are not a Christian because someone told you you were not worthy, I know that God wants you to know that you are More Than Enough for Him. I feel Christianity is about a relationship with God, and through getting to know Him better all that is holding you back, all that once filled and controlled your life you willingly give up because of your love for Him.

Grace is unmerited favour. I googled the word unmerited and what came up in one of the results to describe what that is was an honorary degree. You do not study for years to get it, it is through your work to build a particular field that you receive an honorary degree from the University that recognises you. God sees you, He sees your heart. He sees what you are doing, to grow and to make a difference. He gives you His grace, He honours YOU even though He created the earth.

The crux of the matter is: If we all came to God perfect then what would be left for Him to do? If we came to God knowing all that we were and all that He was then what would the point be? What would be left for the years following that? If you were perfect how would His glory be shown? How would you recognize His greatness.

God loves each an everyone of us and in HIm we really are Perfectly Imperfect. We are ALL worthy because He has declared that over us.



3 thoughts on “More than enough

  1. At times, I feel that there is somewhat of a shift that takes place, where it is no longer the question of how it is possible for God to love me blemishes and all but rather, how it is possible for me to love myself past blemishes and all. Of course the two are intertwined. But sometimes the latter becomes soooooooo difficult. I completely understand that growing in the knowledge of God’s love for me and a lot of other things contribute to finding ways to move from false guilt a.k.a. CONDEMNATION. It’s sad and hard at times to think that there are many times where it is not the voices of the opinionated around us (me) that bother us (me) but those that come from within…

    … I guess what I’m saying basically is that, flip, practicality is so darn difficult at times. The frustrations of finding yourself nurturing false guilt unintentionally… aowa lol… Anyway, fantastic post my lady. And I agree with the above comment. . . Pride is the cause of downfall in so many varying circumstances. Proverbs 16:18-19 reads:Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.
    Better to be lowly in spirit and among the oppressed
    than to share plunder with the proud.

    Peace and Love ❤


    • Christchosen I hear you. I think the biggest thing is grace is beyond human understanding which is why many people do not understand the “concept” of a God who will forgive EVERYTHING. I often say that in life we are our greatest judge and also our own greatest critic. It is very easy to delve into what you do wrong than what you do right. Take a piece of paper and write down your strengths vs your weaknesses you’ll find it easier to write the weaknesses because you avoid self praise. But I mean if you are able to find your strengths isn’t that or shouldn’t it be a reason to praise God because it is through Him that you are able to identify those positives? We’ve been brought down so often that elevating ourselves is a foregn concept and experience but that’s exactly what God wants for us.

      Regeneratedthought It’s something many of us need to learn to deal with and to surrender to God because we end up not only alienating those who do not know but even those we love. Pride is dangerous and we dont acknowledge that.


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