Perfectly Imperfect

I say all i am is a sinner,
You say all I want to do is cleanse your inner.
I say all I can do is disappoint you,
You say that is why I want to re-appoint you;
Re-appoint you as mine,
a leader in my kingdom.
I say all I am is a human,
You say you want to turn me into more than just a crewman.
That you want to appoint me as a captain on your ship,
You want me steer your people to you.
I say but I am worth nothing
You say through you I will receive the gift of truly loving,
loving me and understanding that I am greater than what the world’s defition of me.
I say Lord but you dont understand I am like an oven filled with old grease and grime.
You laugh and say child, all will be well in time,
I will renew your heart,
but you need to allow me to show you what sets you apart.
I say but I am so undeserving,
and you say then start by simply serving.
I say but what have I to offer I have no talent.
You say child, in me you are a gallant warrior.
I cry Lord but it is not you I reflect.
You hold me close and whisper…
In me you are perfectly imperfect.

Shandu Mulaudzi
19 April 2010


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