ENOUGH with the Resolutions

As we go into the new year people have already started making ridiculous resolutions and promises they know they will never keep. I think the reason most people make resolutions is that they want to feel like they have made goals and real decisions to make a change in the new year.

I stopped making new years resolutions a long time ago and this may seem strange because I’m still quite young. I stopped making resolutions because when I started making them I had no idea what they were for. As I grew up I realised I never did what I planned to do anyway. In fact, by the 3rd of January I had forgotten most of what I resolved to do.

I then discovered the art of setting goals and I decided to do that instead. The only difference between my new years resolutions and my goals was that I wrote my goals down. Again however, soon after the year started I forgot what those goals were. At the end of 2011 I looked back at the goals I made. Very few of them were achieved, and fewer were even attempted.

I’ve decided to do things differently in 2012. Perhaps set short term goals. Monthly, or weekly. So I keep pushing towards a greater purpose. Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t I’ll have to tell you this time next year.

2011 taught me a great and valuable lesson. We plan, but if we do not build according to the sketches, as builders would, then our architectural skill will not be recognised or realised. People often say that when we have a goal or a dream we should set room for disappointment but how easy is it to do that? I have dreams, I have goals and aspirations. When things do not go my way, I cry and I get disappointed. I know that this is okay because I am human. Instead of sulking and wallowing in self-pity however, I rise again and push forward.

I learn most of my lessons from my mother and she told me that along the path of life we are faced with great obstacles, this never ends. In fact the obstacles become increasingly difficult to overcome and thus we fall. The fall however, is not important. It is how we get up from it that matters most.

If you had dreams that were shattered in 2011, do not go into 2012 in fear believing that you cannot do any better. Dreams get deferred, routes have detours. It may take you longer to make it to your destination, but you will get there. Just re-fuel and you will make it.

Have an awesome 2012!



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