Monster mother meddles

A meddling mother was the trigger that led to an assault between her daughter and her ex-lover the Johannesburg Magistrates Court heard today.

Sophie Kid, a 33 year old woman from Brixton, was assaulted by Thabo Simelane, the father of her child, at the Bree taxi rank on January 21, 2013.

Kid said she arrived at the taxi rank on her way to work and found Simelane waiting for her.

Simelane had a “long face” and told her he wanted her to repeat what she had said to him over the phone, in person.

But Kid had no idea what Simelane was talking about and asked him to explain: “He said me and my mother swore at him,” Kid said.

Kid vehemently denied that she and her mother had sworn at Simelane over the phone.

Simelane did not leave Kid alone after that. He then told Kid he wanted the R500 he gave her last year [2012]. Kid said he had given her this money for their child.

“When I said I don’t have money he said ‘give me your two phones’,” said Kid.

Kid testified that Simelane then grabbed her right arm “stiffly”. She said she tried to let go of his grasp to no avail.

Simelane then slapped Kid and she fell to the ground on her face.

“He then tried to kick me but I blocked my face with my arms,” she said.

Simelane told the court that even though he and Kid were not together anymore in January, their relationship had been great but started to take a turn for the worst because of her mother.

He admitted to seeing her at the rank but denied slapping Kid as he said it was not in his character to hit anyone.

“I greeted her and asked who had called me on the 10th of November.

“I asked why her mother contacted me. She didn’t answer,” Simelane said.

Simelane spoke with a loud and bold voice expressing himself in Sesotho and using his hands.

He told the court that he told Kid that his son [a child from a previous marriage] told his [Simelane’s] sister that Kid had abused him.

He said his son alleged Kid had abused him by forcing him to sleep near coffins.

The coffins that Simelane was talking about were at Kid’s workplace, a funeral parlour where they met for the first time.

The children went to the funeral parlour after school where Kid looked after them while Simelane was at work.

Simelane said after he told her about the alleged abuse he saw a change in Kid’s face. He noticed an emotional pain come over her.

“She didn’t answer me. Her eyes were full of tears,” Simelane said.

Simelane said when he turned around to leave for work Kid grabbed the neck of his shirt to stop him.

“I pushed her off me and told her I was late for work then I left,” he said while demonstrating the gentle manner in which he pushed her off.

Kid said this was untrue and that he had hit her, to the point where people screamed to find out what was happening.

“He told them they didn’t know what kind of person I am,” Kid said.

Kid had hospital records showing bruises that she had sustained on the day of the assault.

She had bruises on her right arm and on the bridge of her nose between her eyes which she said was caused by her glasses when she fell on her face.

In a statement read by Simelane’s attorney Nkhensani Maluleke Simelane alleged that when he saw Kid that morning she already had bruises. He denied this in court.

Magistrate Godwin Sadiki said Simelane and Kid’s version of events were contradictory to one another.

“Evidence says you [Simelane] are now separated from the love of your life, the mother of your child because of her mother’s interference,” Sadiki commented.

He said both Sadiki and Kid had mentioned the argument about the phone call with the mother.

 “You [Simelane] have painted a picture that everything was smooth and okay, that there was no argument,” Sadiki said.

Sadiki said Simelane’s initial statements however reflected that an argument had indeed ensued between the two.

Sadiki concluded that Simelane’s testimony could not be trusted.

Simelane was found guilty. Sentencing will be on 29 May.

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