Student stabbed outside student Digz

A woman student, who was stabbed outside Dudley Heights, a cross institutional digs in Braamfontein, on Friday night, is still in hospital.

An eye-witness who asked not to be named in fear of being intimidated, said there were five men who tried to grab the victim right outside the main gate on De Korte Street.

“We had just jumped the robot [in a car] when we saw it all happen. There were five guys following her. Two of them came in front of her and the other three grabbed her from behind,” the witness said.

She saw the attackers grab the victim but she put up a fight. They then ran into the road which was when the witness tried to run the guys over with her car so they would leave the victim alone.

“There were two other cars there and they also tried to run them over and that’s when the one guy stabbed her in the neck,” the witness said.

She said she and her passengers then went to look for the police while the people in the other cars tried to help the victim.

“We went to look for the cops and as usual there were no cops around when you need them,” she said.

A Drama honours Witsie, Zabalaza Mcunu, who also lives at Dudley Heights, said he arrived on the scene afterwards.

“When I got there they had just cleaned the blood on the street and were taking her away in the ambulance,” Mcunu said.

According to Mcunu, the student’s helpers had taken her into the building to wait for the police and the ambulance.

Wits Vuvuzela went to investigate but the security guards and building caretaker were unhelpful.

“Where did you hear this? You just heard things out there so you can come here and do Daily Sun things. We don’t know anything about that,” the caretaker said.

A student waiting for the bus on Thursday morning told Wits Vuvuzela that people were frequently mugged outside their building but this was the first stabbing she had heard of.


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