Breaking ground – I hope

After meeting with our social media lecturer, Dinesh Balliah, and our photography lecturer, TJ Lemon, we were feeling a bit overwhelmed. One of the main thing we have had a problem with is having to change our ideas because they just seem unattainable.

When I started this project I was convinced I would do a video and photo-essay but now…not so much. The main reason being that most of the people I spoke to before today did not want to be on camera at all.  Today however, when I went to China Mall in Amalgam I met a restaurant owner, Frank Zhang who was more than willing to show me what he does.

I went to China Mall to meet with Lisa Keyser who is the manager of China Mall West.  She said she specifically asked to meet with me at the Shanghai Chinese Takeaways restaurant because of the first that they make their noodles fresh which is what I showed in the video.

Lisa gave me a lot of information on the running of China Mall  which will help me with my written feature and the best part of our appointment was the tour she gave us of the place. I was with Pheladi, Nolwazi and Prelene and she gave them information for their projects too including trying to link them up with families and people who would not mind being profiled.

Hopefully this is a breakthrough for us. My multimedia idea is a full package inclusive of video, stills and audio. I am going to the Mandeville Sports Club tonight because yesterday Francis Lai Hong said many people from the Chinese and Taiwanese communities meet there for table tennis, basketball and other sport. I am hoping that this visit will be as fruitful an adventure as the entire day has been.


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