Victory and new obstacles

Last night I went to Mandeville Sports Club to find out if I would be able to set up a filming time for my multimedia. I was exhausted and honestly I wanted to take the easy way out and make a phone call to find out if there was any point in driving all the way there. I got over myself and Dineo and I left the labs at 7:30pm to see what we could find. We struck gold.

There was a basketball practice and the man who runs it was more than willing to speak to us. He only wanted to be referred to as Frank. Frank said we were welcome to come back next week and take photos, video and audios with the players. He said we would however strughle as some of the young men spoke little or no english at all. I’m hoping to find someone who will come with and help translate. I won’t reveal the story as yet as I believe the multimedia should do that.


Today I ventured out to Sandton to speak to the Chairman of The Chinese Association,  Erwin Pon, who is also a Business Development Director at Rand Merchant Bank. Erwin helpes us with a few contacts and with my story he specifically told me I would face challenges with the owners of Chinese retail nodes as they do not speak English. The only one who does, is the owner of China Mall who I already have a bit of information about. My plan therefore, is to focus on the centre managers who pretty much run the show in behalf of the owners.

Tomorrow I am hoping to meet the managers at Bruma Oriental City and at China Discount Mall in Randburg.

As I venture on with this project I learn new, interesting and sometimes exciting lessons which leave me either shocked or pleasantly surprised. So from now on every time I hear something different I will add a “Did you know?” section to the end of my blog.

Most people know that in China people are only allowed to have one child that will be “recognised” by the state. This means that if you have more than one child only your first born will have rights to free education and other benef offered by the state. This led us to believe that some families who move here and later stay for a long time or indefinitely do so because here they can have big families. This may be true for some but…

DID YOU KNOW: Business men and women who come to South Africa but are hired by state-owned enterprises in China are still bound to the one child “rule”? If it is discovered that they have more than one child while they are in South Africa they could be fired from their jobs.

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