A friend in need is a friend indeed

When I first heard that saying I was in grade 2 and my teacher Mrs Steenkamp wrote it on the board. I don’t even remember why she had brought it to our attention probably to teach us english idioms but at that point I had no idea what it meant. In fact I thought it made no sense at all.

We were warned when we started on our adventure that we would face challenges and probably have to change our angles more than once. One of my friends, Caro, was bummed as she had to go out and figure out a way to change her angle for the third time. Now understand that it’s day 7 and we have until the end of this week to finish our research and wrap up our written part of our project. Realising today that you pretty much have nothing would be strainuous on anyone.

We spent the whole morning on the phones trying to line up interviews and doing more research in order to make a plan for the week. We then decided to head out to Crown Mines where China Mall and Dragon City are. I wanted to go to Dragon City because I need to find the manager there. Caro was on a mission to try and find a small business owner once again.

I realised then that I had met Frank last week and he had been one of the friendliest people I’ve met in a while. We went to go see Frank and yet again he was welcoming. He spoke to us for quite some time and gave us some valuable information. He even directed me to the person I needed to see at Dragon City.

When we left Frank’s restaurant Caro smiled and said: “I’m so happy I could kiss your nipples.” (LOL) You need to know her to understand why she would say something like that.

Considering the way her day started I was happy to have helped and honestly that’s been the best part of this project so far. We are put in groups and even though the final product is assessed individually the entire class has shared their contacts,  shared cars and assisted in interviews.

We’ve gone through this year as colleagues and the team work element of what we do is probably something we will never experience again. Throughout my life I’ve hated group work with a passion but I think that was because it was forced upon us ans didn’t come naturally. I’ve learned to give when I can and help where I am strong as well as ask when I just don’t know.

I love that at the end of it all ny colleagues have become my friends too. In team vuvu I have truly learned that a friend in need is indeed a friend indeed.

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