It’s a marathon not a sprint


I hate running with my entire being I really do. I tried jogging to maintain my figure once I quit after about three days. It’s not that I hate exercise because I love the aerobics and spinning I just don’t like running.

When I studied accounting I remember one of my friends told me to remember that my final year was a marathon and not a sprint.

I look back and I think in my faux American accent: “Guuurl! Whether it’s a sprint or a marathon I ain’t about that life”. I know it’s stupid because obviously it’s about the figurative meaning and not the literal.

The in-depth project has probably been the toughest expectation thus far and it’s only day 3 of week two. One minute you think you’re doing well and the next you’re running out of breath and your legs are caving in.

This morning I had a great chat with a market research specialist and I thought I was nearly done but then I approached a source who told me I wouldn’t possibly get the information I was looking for. So tomorrow my race continues at the bottom of a mountain.

My legs are already feeling a little bit wobbly so I don’t know how I’m going to climb over it. Fortunately I was warned and I’ve packed lots of water in my backpack in case there aren’t any people on the side of the road to help.

One thing I do know is that nothing great comes without its ups and downs so surely by the end of this month I’ll have something to show for the hard work put in.

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