A grey Thursday

grey Thursday

The weather was symbolic of the kind of day I’ve had – grey and dull but full of promise. Full of promise because after the rain the sun has to come up right?

I’ve been sitting in the office going through the footage I managed to get last night at the basketball game in Mandeville.

My photographs are okay but not great so luckily I made plans to return next week in order to have individual interviews with the players.

A lot of them seemed keen to be filmed which is great for me. One of the guys laughed when I told him I wanted to interview him. “But we’re not professionals he said.”

No one expects to be documented unless they are doing something really outstanding but I guess you never realise how interesting you may be until someone uncovers your hidden secrets.

Not the kind of secrets you don’t want to share with the world but rather treasures you didn’t realise were worth sharing with people and that might help them grow.

Tomorrow I’ll be bouncing ideas off my friends in order to help me develop a concept that will display this story in the best way possible.

The truth is I’m tired but at the beginning of the year Toby Shapshak told us that when you do something that you love not every day will be great and that’s normal and even if you get a 10% return you will be so happy because at the end of the day you love it.

Today I called two sources who I’ve been struggling with. The one said she’d get back to me just as she had last time I spoke to her. The other, is the security guard who works with the person I am actually trying to get hold of. She said she doesn’t have time to go look for her so I should just come and try look.

When I first heard this I wanted to cry. But I got over it. Sometimes you need to go the extra miles and push further than your set boundaries in order to get what you want so I guess that’s what I’ll do.

The paper money that would be placed in one's coffin

The paper money that would be placed in one’s coffin



When the Chinese are buried they’re family puts money in their coffin because they believe that you will need money in the after life?

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