Multimedia melodies


Basketball is important in the Chinese community. This is what i will be covering for my multimedia. Photo: Shandukani Mulaudzi

My headline is stupid I know. But I’ve been humming a tune in my head and had a spring in my step since I walked into my flat.

When I left the department earlier this evening I was very worried about my multimedia. I had one more opportunity and I had to make it work.

As soon as we walked in Frank, the coach, waved and smiled at us. He shook my hand and welcomed me once again. This was a sign of a good evening because he was definitely in a good mood.

He agreed to be filmed and asked the players to assist as well. Unfortunately many of them did not want to speak to me as they were not confident enough in their English.

They were afraid they wouldn’t understand me and I wouldn’t understand them. They also declined to have the other players translate for them.

One guy joked and said: “That guys part of the mafia, he won’t speak to you.” To which his friend just laughed. Because of how friendly they were I wasn’t bothered by their reluctance.

Instead, I found other means to try get them to speak to me which in the end I think will make my multimedia more interesting.

I really am happy that my idea worked. Now I just have to pray to God that the sound is good enough.


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