Final weekend blues

As we head to the end of the week the pressure is mounting and the truth is I’m just exhausted. After spending about three hours in my fifth draft I was beyond defeated.

In depth reporting is not the same as writing on the daily. Just as you think you’re just about good to go with what you have, your copy comes back with red track changes and comments all over it. This is for the better of course but it just doesn’t get any easier. Our features are due Monday morning and I’m just hoping that whatever is missing is attainable over the weekend.

I had my first conference call today with Lisa from China Mall and Nolwazi and Pheladi. The line wasn’t so great but we managed to get our messages across. Our final questions to her were answered and I suppose because we are so close to concluding our articles we asked the right questions to inform our articles.

Tomorrow I need to start working on my editing for my multimedia. Oh Lord. I can almost hear Indra de Lanerolle (my TV lecturer) say: “No no no! That’s not what you need to be doing. Start again.” He won’t be there but his voice will haunt me throughout. I’m certain of it.

It’s been a long day and tomorrow will be even longer but yet again I tell myself that it will all be worth it in the end.


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