SLICE OF LIFE: I’m a flaming feminist, yeah I said it

I love this here article! I’m a flaming feminist too and I believe that one of the most important things we need to remember is to be inspired by one another and to learn from one another. We differ in our opinions but ultimately we strive for the same thing: Equality for all genders. It’s important that we stop bashing one another as feminists and find common ground which will make us stronger.

Write. Snap. Click.

“I don’t mind women in general wearing crop tops or short shorts, but I don’t want my girlfriend wearing those things because they make me feel uncomfortable,” said a male friend.

He considers himself sympathetic to feminism. This conversation occurred after I had accepted the label, feminist. If it had happened two or three years ago I might have “understood” where he was coming from, now I don’t. It took me quite a while to come to terms with feminism, to understand it and identify with it. To me feminism simply means the freedom to choose who I want to be.

I’m out

In the past I’ve labeled myself as a “laissez-faire feminist” and described myself as such in social conversations. What I meant was that I do recognize that patriarchy is real and is at work 24/7 to undermine people of my gender. What I was saying along…

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