Blogging blues


Photo: Enrico Ballestrazzi on flickr

When I set out to start blogging I aimed to blog at least once bi-weekly. Then that changed to maybe once monthly. Now I don’t even know when last I blogged and it breaks my heart.

The thing is I know exactly why it’s become more difficult for me to write freely. As a journalist we are constantly thinking about who’s reading, what they think and how what we say may impact people.

We have sub-editors (subs) who take everything we write and polish it so it reads well and is politically correct. Sometimes we even joke about needing subs on twitter because maybe we just don’t know where to draw the line.

Before I learned news writing and studied journalism I did not care who read what I wrote and I did not care if it was written in the best English. I also wasn’t concerned with having content that was “relevant” to the time and current affairs climate. I was writing about things  that affected me and hoping that these experiences would impact someone and make a difference either in their lives or even just contribute to the way they view things.

Somewhere along the line I became too focused on producing groundbreaking articles and lost my voice. I’m hoping that by posting this I will find the push to find my voice again and write about what I like on this platform.



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