Stop boxing women

In the spirit of Women’s day, I thought it would be a good idea to share something that happened to me last night that still has me fuming. 
A young woman who is friends with me on Facebook sent me a lengthy inbox to tell me how I should behave. She said one of my Instagram posts taught young girls that all they are good for is sex and their bodies. She told me I was a role model to many and that posts like that are dangerous to my reputation.

Now here’s the thing about invading someone’s personal space and telling them how to live their lives. It is wrong. You have absolutely no right to tell anyone how they should live and you have no right to place your expectations of who they ought to be. It’s disrespectful and it’s unfair.

I have not asked to be anyone’s role model. I have simply been living my life and if along the way I inspire a few people through what I do, then wow thank you I’m honoured. My inspiring you in one aspect of my life however, does not give you the right to try and box me or define what kind of woman I should be. I am a human being like anyone else and I will live a full life. I will also share whatever I want on social media because it’s my profile and I can do that.

I find it very sad that when women are liberal and have fun we try to say it’s wrong. I find it sad that we try to tell women they cannot be good at what they do but also be light hearted in their personal lives.  It’s incredible to me that in 2015, after all women have fought for to attain freedom we still want to chain women and police their behaviour. On this women’s day I’m asking you to check yourself. In what ways are you policing women? In what way are you holding women to certain expectations that you do not hold men to? Evaluate those things and if you are guilty of being an authority on women’s behavioural standards, I implore you to grow up and change your ways.

If you don’t like what I post and cannot understand that I have a career and a social life then please stop following me and remove me from your role model list. I won’t ever fit into anyone’s box for me – not even people who know me and let alone a stranger.

To quote Beyoncé, I am a grown woman  , I can do whatever I want.


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