Falling for the power of sound

When I first fell in love with journalism, it was my love for writing that drew me to the profession. I wanted to weave words together in such a way that they would paint a beautiful image that would remain vivid in the imagination of the reader. I still dream of that and in fact, I still dream of writing novels about real people and real stories that are yet to be explored.

My second love is the radio. To quote Beyoncé yet again (with my own arrangement of her lyrics): “I fell in love with my stereo and it never let me down”. It was back at Rhodes when I fell for that seat behind a microphone and the intimate interaction between me and the listener. This was however, in the commercial music radio form and it wasn’t until I studied journalism that I really started to engage with talk radio. It’s funny, when  I did my short stint at VoW FM  (Voice of Wits), one of the critisms I received often, was that my audio was a little “too serious” for day time campus radio. I think I had developed a knack for telling the stories about the real issues that affected me and my surroundings.  I wanted to get people thinking.

Of course while I was studying my honours I got too busy and I had to give up on VoW and at the same time, I got sidetracked by the glitz and glamour of television. Don’t get me wrong I still want to sharpen my video editing skills and video production but something drew me to audio again this year when we had to choose our main streams.

Today we had our first class of boot camp audio class. We listened to some amazing audio clips from NPR – the national public radio station which is well known for its great long form radio features and storytelling. This form is something we do not have in SA which, I found to be so beautifully done.  I fell in love with the radio all over again and this time it was a connection that I feel may just last forever.

I know it’s early days and I can be crazy and fall too quickly but I think this may just be real. I feel it in my fingers and in my toes too (no it’s not your imagination, this is another music reference except I have no idea who sang the version I love).

Anyway, you get the point. My first day was amazing. I stepped out into scary New York City, charmed people with my lovely South African accent and cute smile and got some fun clips of people talking about what they think of Donald Trump as a Presidential candidate. It was funny and I couldn’t find one person who loved the guy. What I did get was an old Peruvian man who asked me if he could touch me because he had never touched a South African before. That was entertaining,  I touched him too and told him I had never touched a Peruvian before either.

There are some really interesting people out on the streets; I can’t wait to meet more.

P.S. People here don’t feel the need to acknowledge someone either when they walk past you in a passage  (hallway), or in the bathroom  (where we live together) or in a lift. It’s really frustrating for me because to me it just seems really rude to ignore someone when there are only two of you in a specific space at any given time. I guess I’ll get used to it but I hope I won’t adopt this culture.

Words of the day:
Napkin versus Serviette
Last name versus Surname (someone looked at me funny when I asked for their surname)


2 thoughts on “Falling for the power of sound

  1. Lol… Would you please share some of the clips that are Trumping Donald? You forgot to tell the old man how much Peruvian hair is sought after in SA.

    I like your posts, keep them coming.


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